Between 2010 and 2015 the number of first time entrants into the Criminal Justice System has fallen by 70% in the London Borough of Ealing.


The evaluation process

Every participating school is required to complete a feedback form. This data is then compiled into a chart, helping to inform and tailor future project days. Here’s an example.

The ultimate goal of YLYC is to deter young people from a life of crime.

This is a long term goal and this is why having an effective evaluation system in place is so important to us.

It allows us to constantly change with the times and stay relevant to the students.



From Pupils

Over 90% of young people say they have learnt something positive from the day.

Typical comments that they will think more about include

  • Consequences of crime
  • how to stay safe
  • whom they can turn to
  • always stay in school
  • never carry a knife
  • keep out of trouble
  • choices that affect your life

Read some letters from pupils talking about how the programme affected them.

Watch the video: Feedback from Cardinal Wiseman pupils.



Teaching staff

Over 95% of staff evaluate the day as excellent or good, and meets the Every Child Matters criteria of Keeping Safe. Here is some feedback from teachers,

  • Highly interactive day and children learn a lot
  • Children engage really well
  • This is an excellent programme that has the potential to keep children/young people on the ‘straight and narrow’ and should be done more often
  • Overall the day was excellent; students were very engaged and it was nice to see the more quiet students speak, and an excellent experience for our students.
  • The day was good overall, with very good workshops and invaluable information gained by all students.

Download more Teaching Staff Comments.