Project Day

"I was very impressed and encouraged by the good work I saw YLYC doing with young people in schools in Ealing.".

- Rt. Hon. Christopher Grayling MP

Overview of a typical Project Day

The Project Day comprises of a full day presentation, which fits in with the school timetable, in the form of a film and professional workshops of a high quality run by each of the partner agencies.

The day ends with a plenary session and video statements from the life experiences of how youth crime has affected them; a Doctor, an Ex-gang Leader and a Mother.

Each child receives a helpline card at the end of the day with local and national child focused helpline contact details.



The film

The first aspect of the day is the YLYC Project Day short film. This powerful dramatisation demonstrates to the students, through the narrative of a young boy, the consequences of getting involved in a youth gang.

Through the effectiveness of film, students are able to recognise and appreciate how they too can be affected by gang culture.

There are various themes raised in the film, that compliment the different agencies running workshops throughout the day as part of the Project Day. This way the students have a fully immersive experience, watching the dramatisation and then hearing from the various people who they have seen characterised in the film.
View DVD storyline.

View the film synopsis

Educational material covered

The Project addresses part of ‘British Values’ through meeting certain aspects of the Citizenship Curriculum.
According to Ofsted, ‘fundamental British values’ are:

  • democracy,
  • the rule of law,
  • individual liberty,
  • mutual respect for, and tolerance of, those with different faiths and beliefs, and for those without faith.

Advice from the Department for Education is that ‘British values’ should be promoted through spiritual, moral, social and cultural [SMSC] development.

Citizenship education underpins much of SMSC. For example, exploring human rights and our political and legal systems through the taught citizenship curriculum goes a long way to learning ‘the difference between right and wrong’ and ‘the consequences of behaviour’.

Throughout the Project Day, via the film and workshops, a number of educational aspects are raised for the students, ranging from who becomes involved in gang crime to the impact on the victim. There is of course also the judicial implications that are explored in a simple format that students can understand.

Here a consequence-matrix, has been drawn together, covering the various aspects dealt with by the workshops throughout the day.



End of the day – The Plenary

The plenary completes the day in the school hall where the young people show what they have learnt through a question and answer session. The year group are left with the message from 3 people whose actual lives have been affected by crime

  • A Trauma Consultant
  • An Ex-gang Leader
  • A Mother.

Helpline cards: All pupils are given a helpline card with local and national email and phone contacts.

I’m interested! How do I get involved?

1) Register your interest via our online form.

2) Find and visit a Project Day near you? Prior booking essential. Details of these can be found on our teams page.

3) If you can’t find a project near you, not sure where to start. Get in touch with us.